Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Do you love them or hate them?  Generally I love a good hill workout, everything from the battle to keep going to the accomplishment you feel when you are done & not to mention the street cred.

Today for example, I was out around 11 hitting my hill workout, on my way back down from the first effort I passed a guy on his way up to catch the running trail.  We met up again as we were both coming back down the hill for the last time - me after my 6th effort & him after his trail run.  He looked at me & said, "Were you running hill repeats on this hill?"  I looked him square in the face, smiled & said, "Yep, 6 of them on today's schedule."  He replied with a, "That's impressive."  I finished my run home - up a hill & felt great the rest of the day.

There was even a happy little tree to greet me with all it's gorgeous leaves. Really it was prettier in person

This is the start of the hill, it's 200 feet of gain in .23 miles, it's a good one.

Here are the details:
7:25 warm up run from my house to the hill
3:50/5:00 1st effort
3:39/5:00 2nd effort
3:30/5:00 3rd effort
3:40/5:00 4th effort
3:30/5:00 5th effort
3:22/5:00 6th effort
Then I stopped at the bottom to take a picture or two of the hill.
8:02 run back home.


  1. Nice Hill workout!! That Hill does look nice and gradual and definitely impressive for you to run up 6 times!! I kind of have a hate/love relationship with hills, I like the reward of climbing them but dislike running up them.

  2. I just tagged you to do the 11 Random Things Post, check it out, if you don't have time to do it, it's all good. Hope you are having an awesome New Year! :)