Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Plans

Yesterday evening at the pool at our complex this little exchange went down:

Me: So Ran were you serious about getting out of town this weekend?
Ran: I what?
Me: You said we should go do something out of town this weekend.
Ran: I did? Really? What would we do
Me: I thought Great Wolf Lodge would be fun, we've never gone & Jack would think we are pretty cool.  Plus the room comes with 4 water park passes (really selling it here) so Uncle Will could come with us.
Ran: How much? (See right to the point)
Me: Well don't forget we get a discount on the room rate & we can start riding the water slides before we check in & all day on Sunday up until they close.  Deep breathe, speak the number.
Ran: OK yeah lets do it.

This morning - confirmed he really wanted to actually spend $$ & booked the room.  Apparently there is a 72hr cancellation policy so there is no backing out now.

Now I just have a pesky TRX workout in the morning Saturday.  Sunday I am looking forward to my 3 miles somewhere new.  I wonder where it is safe to run outside there...

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