Monday, September 12, 2011


Ugg, I have been dreading today's weigh in all week.  A few weeks ago after my return from summer vacationing, I decided I wanted to make the final push & solidly get into the 150's.  After giving my body & mind a rest & letting it adjust to this new normal I am ready.  Why do I want to loose more weight?  Shouldn't someone who has lost 120lbs +/- given the time of the month day be good with that?  Well, honestly, no, not me.  I want to be better, I am trying to get to my best self & specifically I want to run better. One of my running goals is to get faster, well who doesn't have that goal you ask? However I am a slow runner naturally & I have let myself run slow for a year & it's time to put on the pepper. I want to get into the 10 min mile range & I would like to do it safely without putting too much stress on my body.  Running at a lighter weight is easier then running at a heavier weight, you simply have less mass to move.

Back to that weigh in, I knew not much had changed.  By now I know my body pretty well & I can tell when I am up & when I am down.  I've maintained a steady 160-165lbs for a year now give or take a few pounds up or down & while that may seem like a large number for a gal who is 5'3" - let us not forget where she started at:

 I think this would be at my heaviest - May of 2008 at home in ND. This is well above my 2009 documented high weight of 282lbs, if I had to guess I was pushing all of 290-295lbs & I had no idea.

While I know that loosing 120 lbs (I don't count what I don't know over the 282lbs from my pre loosing weight physical) is a major accomplishment, I also know that I can do more - I can tell from my body that there is more to go. While I feel great in every marker of health I still fall into the overweight category.  Who stops at overweight?  Not this Type A lady, that's for sure.

 Weight loss transition photos - Oct of 2009 - Oct of 2010. Starting weight 252lbs ending weight 165lbs.  I lost approx 87lbs in 12 months.

So, how am I going to do this?  I lost the majority of the weight loss by following a food plan, counting calories & working out with a trainer as well as on my own.  I am going back to counting calories & will be sticking to 1200-1300 calories daily but am giving myself the option to go up to 1500 calories if an event comes up.  I am going to sneak in a few extra cardio sessions a week in the evening & I am going to try to get at least 5000 steps a day on my pedometer.  Hopefully by the end of November I will be in those 150's & if not I will keep moving running in that direction.

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  1. Wow!! You go girl!! I'm right with you. My weight gain was from pregnancy and I have 18 more lbs to loose. Your an inspiration keep it up!!