Friday, May 4, 2012

Hospital Day 7:

We made it a week!  Officially 33 weeks yesterday, one week down - one to go to the safe zone. 

Another night of sleeping through the night & no contractions.  It seems like little Max is settling in for the long haul.  Which is great.  I've had the IV port out of my hand & I feel like a free woman.

My Dr visit went well yesterday we are just taking each day, not changing anything & hoping I get to 34 weeks.  They are starting to prep me for the idea of a longer bed rest - possibly to 35 or 36 weeks.  I have to admit that in my head that sounds like a very long time from now.  However the longer he is in there the larger he will be & that is a good thing.  I will do what is needed for him to have the best start possible.  I'm for sure going to have to beg for my sewing machine if I go to 36 weeks.

They weighed me & I am down 2lbs, that is worrisome in my mind.  I am eating like a champion & I am pretty sure this hospital food isn't the lowest calorie stuff.  It could be the difference in scales between the one I use at the health club & the hospital scale.  We'll see next week - but for now I am not going to feel bad about those 2 desserts a day they bring me.  People! 2 desserts a day!! There are some bonuses to bed rest.  It's very possible that this little one is sucking down every single extra calorie I am eating to work on our goal of being the chubbiest NICU baby ever.

I've also been visited by the Physical Therapist & have been cleared for some bed rest workouts.   So here I come old school Jane Fonda arm circles.  I also get to do some leg & hip work laying down in bed I just obviously can't engage any core muscles.  Did you know that you can loose 3-5% of your muscle mass during bed rest?

We had a little party in our room last night to celebrate week 1.  After dinner the boys took me on a wheelchair ride off the unit to see the patio on the 1st level.  It's a really nice little courtyard with lots of plants & little cafe tables to sit at.  We had our cupcakes & then Jack & I settled in for his first John Hughes flick - Uncle Buck.  It is still just as good as in 1989 if you are curious.

Thankful for's:
*Week 1 is complete!
*Jack hung out with me for almost a whole hour at the end of my bed telling me about his day & then we played UNO together.  I really miss our moments during the day - so this was really special.  Shh... he even held my hand a few times.
*A husband who is trying so hard to do everything while still working his super demanding high stress job.  The things he does for our family impress me on a daily basis & that is after 10 years of marriage.

Looking forward to's:
*Tonight we are having pizza night in our room - normally we make our own at home, but tonight we will get delivery from a place we really like
*I have an ultrasound this morning to check weight on Max & cervical length
*Saturday the boys have promised to bring me a Mocha Coconut Frappucinno as I hear they are back - it's the little things right?

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  1. Praise the Lord for 1 week and the additional weeks needed for Max to chub up!! Keep your eye on the prize of a chubby baby to stay in that bed. Praying for you and Max :)