Friday, May 4, 2012

Hospital Day 8:

I can really get used to this sleeping through the night & waking when I want gig.  Upside to bed rest - I can sleep as late as I want.  Also if you are trying to grow out your pixie cut, do a stint on bed rest - my hair is getting long & I can't go get it cut.  By the time I get out of this place & have time to get to the salon I might actually have a ponytail.  It's the little things to look forward to.

I met with another Dr in the practice today - I can tell they are really trying to get me to mentally prep for a longer hospital stay as long as Max is still doing well & I don't start showing any signs of infection.  I heard 35 - 36 weeks today.  That seems pretty far off, but I am just focusing on 1 week at a time here.  I guess that means we just get to have more cupcake parties because I am pretty sure those go away after I get out of this bed.

We had our second ultrasound today.  They checked my cervix for changes & it is still pretty long (great news!) - they also measured my amniotic fluid again & the good news is that it is still pretty much the same.  Still on the low side of normal, but good for ruptured membranes.  The ultrasound tech was also able to see that Max had a full stomach & a full bladder so that means when he pees he will make more fluid.  All good signs.  She turned out the 3D & I was able to see his face!!! It was so weird getting a view of what he might look like, he had his little feets tucked up by his face & then he moved it so we could see his hand up by his forehead.  It looked like his little cheeks were chubby & he also kind of looked a lot like my husband.  The tech mentioned that Max scored very well on the ultrasound & he was overachieving.  I said he will fit right in with the rest of us - we are a family of 3 Type A go getters - looks like my sister called it & said he was probably going to be a little task master.  I didn't get to learn his weight, I guess they don't do it weekly because it tends to cause more concern then it's worth.  They aren't too concerned with his weight as he was already a little on the larger size last week. 

Today was a very quiet day.  I worked on cutting out more squares for the polaroid quilt.  I think I am going to have Randy bring in some crochet work for me to do as I am finding it frustrating that I won't be able to go much further into the quilt process.  I also did my physical therapy workout, that felt good to get the muscles moving again, I did a little light stretch afterward.  We ordered in a pizza & finished watching a movie.

Thankful for's:
*Another quiet day
*Randy surprised me with the coconut mocha frappucino - it was delicious!
*Jack has spent most of the afternoon & evening squeezed into the bed with me.  He's pretty much the sweetest boy ever.
*A sweet package arrived in the mail from a friend who sent some of the most adorable preemie clothes.  Between what my mother sent & this package I am sure Max will have enough outfits to make it through until we get home with him.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to making it to the baby boutique.  It's been over a week without any kind of shopping & I have some energy to get out of my system.

Thank you everyone for you visits, phone calls, texts, flowers, kind words & thoughts.  They fill me up & keep me going.

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  1. Great news that baby Max is doing well and so are you :) Keep positive, a couple weeks in a bed isn't so bad especially getting to sleep in because that will change once he is home :) Still praying for ya'll!!