Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hospital Day 9:

It was a quiet day yesterday - well for me anyway.  It was busy around here.  I wasn't sure how I would handle hearing the little cries of newborns getting to stay in the room with their Moms, but it was OK.  I even found myself giggling a few times at the funny cries they tend to make.  I am looking forward to hearing Max's cry.  I am hoping I will even revel in it when he does because that means we made it through this scary time.

It was so busy here yesterday that the on call Doc didn't get to do rounds until around 8pm last night, thank you full moon.  All still looks really well with the monitoring & I am stable as can be for now.  She mentioned we won the award for most boring high risk patient yesterday.  That's us though, bunch of over achievers. 

The boys took me on another wheelchair ride in the afternoon & we checked out the baby boutique here.  In hindsight I wish we would have waited to go.  The boutique is in the postpartum clinic where all the follow up mom/baby checks are done.  I felt OK in there at first but it was cramped & I felt weird in there in my wheelchair - like I was taking up too much space.  Then the moms started filtering through with their newborn bundles picking up supplies for their first trip home.  It hit me - Max isn't coming home with me when I get to go home.  After some reflection I realized there is a little bonus in this situation- I get to go home & will be able to sleep through the night the first few weeks where as other parents do not.  Once he gets closer to being able to come home I will start staying with him through the night to make sure I can take care of him properly & handle the feeding of a preemie correctly - but not right away.

Thankful for's:
*Saw the sun out my window all day long - that's something to be thankful for in Seattle
*The boys camped out here - which meant Randy & I got to fall asleep holding hands
*A surprise reading light for my Kindle, will be so much better then the bathroom light I have been leaving on

Looking forward to's:
*Getting outside today - I'm planning on an iced (decaf) latte in the sunshine on the patio
*Starting a cross stitch alphabet sampler for Max's room
*Discussing a plan with my Dr on how we are going to proceed past 34 weeks

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